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Ambition vs. Consistency

When I was younger I tried to keep a journal. I did it because my religion taught that I “should”. Many of my entries started with a comment like, “I haven’t written in [x] days/months/years…” It was an acknowledgment of

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Measure Backwards

I’ve run two races since my last post: a 5k and a 10k.  They were bad.  Really bad.  Especially the 10k.  It was my slowest time ever for a 10k.  I’ve never been fast, typically landing somewhere in the middle when compared

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I haven’t written much since my first post in September of 2013. Crap, I just went back and checked. Turns out I haven’t written anything since then.  I love to describe myself as ambitious.  I think it would be better

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Off the couch

I spend a lot of time in a chair behind a computer. Doesn’t do much to promote good health.  Over time I’ve picked up a few extra pounds and found my energy level to be steadily declining with age.  Meanwhile,

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